Top 10 Things to Focus On When Faced with Grief

These are the things that I believe are the most important things to address when you are going through the grief process because of the loss of a loved one to breast cancer (or other major losses).

  1. Don’t try to go it alone.
  2. Your  family and friends are there to help you deal with your grief process.
  3. Try to proactively attack the grief process.
  4. Express your true feelings.  Talk it out and write it down.
  5. Accept the situation you are facing.  Don’t try to mask your emotions with things that only make your loss worse (i.e.  alcohol, drugs, etc.).
  6. Don’t feel that you have to rush into a new relationship to replace the loved      one you lost.  This will come in time.
  7. When the time is right, begin to put some of the physical remembrances of your loved one behind you.  Your memories will be with you forever.
  8. Consider enlisting the help of a professional grief coach, who is trained to walk  you through the grief process.  This should allow you to journey through this difficult time in a much shorter time period.
  9. Trust that the Lord would not allow this challenge to occur if he did not      believe you could handle it.
  10.  Believe that if you take the proper steps to deal with your grief process you will be able to return to a more fulfilling and joyful life. 

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